How To Travel Abroad For free!

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You Too Can Travel outside Nigeria.


Ultimately, the only reason some people may never leave Nigeria is, quite unsurprisingly, money.

Money slow to enter; money quick to go…

“Ol’ boy,” my Nigerian friends tell me, “I need to make enough money to take a trip to yankee, man! But the money – for the visa, for the passport, for the flight ticket – oh Lord!”

And I understand that. Travelling abroad is expensive. But here’s the shocker: you do not even need that much money to travel.

In fact, you don’t need to have money at all to travel abroad. 



The first step to travelling abroad is “Deciding to travel abroad”.

No, saying “I want to travel” is not equal to wanting to travel. You have to rank travelling high on your priority list and begin to work towards making it a reality.


There is a 100 percent legal way to travel abroad, and its even the fastest way there is.

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